Expense Reporting

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Unanet's web based Expense Report software enables the anytime and anywhere collection of employee travel and materials expenses as well as the submission of requests for expense authorization. Automated approval and support for Government expense reporting guidelines eliminate administrative effort and increase efficiency.

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Feature Rich

  • Enter expense reports easily with detail comments.
  • 'Wizards' automate accurate expense entry, including Per Diems by location
  • Enter one expense report for multiple projects.
  • See travel and ODC costs integrated with project labor reports in realtime

Ease of Use

  • Import credit card transactions and report on transactions which have not been included on an expense report.
  • Setup expense types with appropriate GL codes.
  • Provide self service for status on expense reports.
  • Attach receipts electronically which can be viewed through approval process

Support Your Business Processes

  • Establish approvals by manager, project manager and/or customer.
  • Facilitate approvals with email event workflow.
  • Enter VAT and GST if required.
  • Check status of expense reports and remind managers to approve.
  • Mark up expenses, if required, using company or project rates.


  • Enter expense report information right the first time.
  • Improve compliance and data quality.
  • Reduce expense reporting costs by 90%
  • Avoid unauthorized expenditures.
  • Ensure correct per diem expense; support DCAA expense guidelines. (Download Unanet DCAA Compliance information)
  • Import ODC’s (Other Direct Costs) for complete cost accounting.
  • Control advances to ensure correct payments.
  • Improve morale with responsive reimbursement.
  • Integrate travel and ODC charges with labor costs