Web-Based Project Management Software

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Feature-Rich Project Management

  • Unanet project management software is proven in more than 750 project-based services organizations ranging from 10 users to more than 15,000
  • Create opportunities and projects with probability,to improve forecasting and estimate opportunity value.
  • Prioritize opportunities across the enterprise to maximize efficiency and ROI.
  • Constrain budgets/dates at the project, task and person level
  • Trigger emails notifying users of new and/or changed assignments
  • Collaborate with customers and team members on projects, managing deliverables and risks, action items and issues
  • Powerful tabular and graphical reporting capabilities for project or line manager roles at summary and detailed levels

Benefits of Unanet Project Management

  • Align projects with corporate strategy
  • Standardize project management processes to improve quality
  • Lower project management administrative/implementation costs
  • Real-time graphical dashboards provide managers with relevant, actionable information, and drill-down to detailed metrics
  • Issue alerts based upon tailored settings for each project manager
  • Interface with Microsoft Project and other software for exchanging project and task data
  • Provide rate flexibility - person, labor category, or any project or task level rate override.
  • Available on your servers or OnDemand (Software as a Service)
  • Integrate with Deltek, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics or other accounting, and payroll systems
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