Choosing an ERP System

When choosing an ERP system, or Professional Services Automation software, it’s important to consider the deployment spectrum – from customized to turnkey.

Not all systems require the same amount of customization to configure and deploy. Those that are highly customized will generate a lot of cost, not only in the initial deployment but when upgrading from release to release. And they will likely be less stable than turnkey implementations.

Those businesses with unique requirements need to consider whether those requirements can be mainstreamed to eliminate the steep cost curve. The business needs to understand its own appetite for longer implementation cycles, longer ROIs, more instability, etc.

In many cases the need for customizations aligns with a company’s size. Smaller companies will generally be OK with a turnkey solution. Less flexibility but more stability and less initial and ongoing cost.

This tip was featured in a recent article in CIO Magazine on Selecting and Implementing an ERP System



"I love Unanet! It is great that you can run a report and easily see who is available, what projects a person is assigned to, and how many hours people are charging."- Michelle Graffin Controller, Orbital Technologies
An invoice that used to take 1 person 2-3 days that is now complete in 30 minutes, and a report that used to take 2 hours that is now produced in 2 minutes! - TJ Guarino, Tessada


"I’ve never done a timesheet so fast in my life! What an incredible change. I’m so glad we switched. They’ve really done a lot to polish it up, too."- Paco Hope Managing Consultant Cigital, Inc.
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Being able to see where we are on projects REAL TIME instead of waiting for Monday processing has made it much easier to let clients know exactly where we are with their projects. Unanet has set a higher standard for project reporting and there is more to come!. - Jenny Clark director, solvability