Kate Ogden

Vice President of Business Development
Kate Odgen is Unanet's Vice President of Business Development. Utilizing her experience at Unanet and prior companies, Kate leads the Business Development Team, drives new customer acquisition, and achieves Unanet’s targets for new business bookings.
Prior to Unanet, Kate has had over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management with industry-leading companies in a variety of market segments. After graduating from Duke University, she started her sales career at Xerox and has also held jobs at Kodak and Worldcom, and Thomson Reuters.
"I love Unanet! It is great that you can run a report and easily see who is available, what projects a person is assigned to, and how many hours people are charging."- Michelle Graffin Controller, Orbital Technologies
An invoice that used to take 1 person 2-3 days that is now complete in 30 minutes, and a report that used to take 2 hours that is now produced in 2 minutes! - TJ Guarino, Tessada


"I’ve never done a timesheet so fast in my life! What an incredible change. I’m so glad we switched. They’ve really done a lot to polish it up, too."- Paco Hope Managing Consultant Cigital, Inc.
"Unanet billing is so great. I don't know why anyone wouldn't use this!"- Jackie York Controller, Quallion
Being able to see where we are on projects REAL TIME instead of waiting for Monday processing has made it much easier to let clients know exactly where we are with their projects. Unanet has set a higher standard for project reporting and there is more to come!. - Jenny Clark director, solvability