The Business of Delegation

Joining other female entrepreneurs and business owners, Fran Craig attended the 15th Anniversary Luncheon for the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization, and shared some wisdom regarding how to effectively delegate to build an organizations culture. Fran’s recommendations are threefold; know whom to delegate to, how to delegate work, and be aware of how you thank people.

When delegating, Fran points out the importance of whom you are delegating to and following the chain of command within your organization. She suggests passing along the task to the person in the position below you instead of whom you intend to get the job done. In this way, you allow everyone to retain their power to delegate without overstepping those directly below you.

Fran’s second piece of advice is to always be aware of an opportunity to delegate. She recommends that when someone comes to you seeking an answer to a question, delegate this back to them by asking what they would do and to explore that vein of thought. This way you are enabling them to be creative and innovative without simply giving them an answer to the question.

Thanking people after they complete a task you have delegated is extremely important. This presents a wonderful opportunity to not only say a quick thank you, but Fran suggests this allows you to encourage your employees to continue their best efforts. When thanking someone, Fran proposes that you tell them exactly what they did correctly so that they may continue to follow their own example in future projects.

As an additional note, Fran simply advocates that you delegate as much as you can, so that you continue to empower your employees to innovate and improve upon your company. Fran advises that you trust in yourself and the decision you made to hire these employees to grow your company. 

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