Project Accounting

Unanet's Project Accounting capabilities are unique in the Professional Services Automation (PSA) software category, offering realtime reporting on direct and indirect project costs together with Resource Requesting & Management, Project Management, Timesheet Management, Expense Management and Teamwork Collaboration capabilities in one business management software solution. This integrated set of capabilities delivers realtime performance management of your projects and people. Visual insight of true costs and forecasts ensures managers have the information needed to make optimum decisions about your project portfolio.

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Provide Managers with True Project Costs in Real Time

  • Calculate project burdened costs (indirect charges)
  • Show direct costs, indirect charges, hours, average labor rate, revenue and margin on a single report
  • Report by customer, project or task level
  • See detailed direct charges by labor and ODC cost element.

Revenue and Margin

  • See revenue and true margin for Fixed Price, Cost Plus and Time & Materials projects.
  • Show backlog, remaining budget and variance.
  • Provide realtime data to project managers, getting the finance department out of the business of producing reports.

Feature Rich

  • Define unlimited numbers of cost structures and pools for each organization
  • Supports target, provisional or actual rates.
  • Flexible report writer allows Job Summary Report to include the rows and calculations you need.


  • Streamline project reporting by offering managers insight into true margin.
  • Provide new opportunities for project managers to manage performance.
  • Expedite real-time information and decision-making.
  • Forecast direct, indirect charges and revenues.
  • Manage burn rate using realtime data.
  • Improve margins through actionable information based on work in progress.