Resource Planning

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Unanet web-based Resource Planning software delivers a complete resource scheduling solution to help you optimize your critical resources, while forecasting future revenues and costs, and planning capacity.

Request resources for future workload planning and staffing, define skills and competencies, and search to find the resource which best fits the need based on availability and capability.

Compare future demands for types of work, and for individuals, with headcount and capacity.

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Skills Management and Resource Requesting

  • Identify organizational skills, certifications, job desires, and other criteria.
  • Maintain skills by people or by managers.
  • Support a formal and collaborative process for resource requesting and fulfillment
  • Flexible resource management roles to allow for resources to be managed in different styles of matrix organization

Plan Future Work

  • Plan people or people types for projects based upon availability and skills.
  • Plan or assign people for multiple periods for a project, or multiple projects, in a powerful grid format, similar to a spreadsheet
  • Enable users to monitor or schedule planned work, vacations, seminars, etc.
  • Assign people to projects for a hard book, with constraints on budget and timespan.

Graphical and Periodic Reporting

  • View graphical and tabular reports of resource capacity, plans, commitments and utilization.
  • Report periodic planned or budgeted work at selected organizational levels.
  • View calendar reports for planned or budgeted work.


  • Target organizational competencies by specifying organizational skills.
  • Achieve effective resource utilization and improved service levels.
  • Forecast capacity, revenue, cost and work schedules.
  • Identify and load level overbooked resources.
  • Determine if people are working to plan or on unplanned work.