Obtaining Upgraded Unanet Software

For as long as you maintain an active Unanet Support Agreement, you are free to visit our download site at http://support.unanet.com and download any updates or add-ons you need.  This page focuses on obtaining a major release version of the Unanet Software.

The topics covered on this page include:

Obtaining the Unanet Software

What to download?

No matter what version you are migrating from, you will only need to download the latest version (ie the version you are migrating to).  This single download package will contain all of the necessary sql scripts to migrate your database from any previous version to your target version.  There is no need to download multiple versions of the product.

Where to find the download?

When you purchased Unanet, you probably visited our support site and requested an ID (if not, you can request one at this time).  Use your support ID to gain access to our Support site (http://support.unanet.com).  

Log into the support site using your ID/password and click on the downloads link on the left-hand side.  You will be presented with a list of software components to download.  The software package you will need to download depends on your Operating system.  


Save the file to your server somewhere -- you may need to access it again.

Note: Occasionally, the downloaded file will have an extra ".zip" file extension appended to the file.  Should this occur, simply rename the file without the .zip extension (do not attempt to unzip the file).

Note:  Once you get your support site id, take some time and browse the support site -- it contains many useful links for configuring and maintaining your Unanet system.  Also available on the support site are additional training files, Export templates, and a change log so that you can stay updated on the latest point releases and builds.

Next Step

Step2 -- Backup Your Data

Once you have the new major release software, you will want to back up your system data.