On-Premise vs Cloud ERP Software: The Real Benefits of Cloud Computing

What Cloud ERP Really Means for Your Business

Cloud ERP is becoming extremely popular and most businesses are researching this option. What makes ERP so popular is the overall cost reduction it provides vs. the on-premise software model of the past. Critical project and financial information is now available to all business stakeholders 24/7, and can be accessed from pretty much anywhere in the world. Project based ERP in the cloud supports the entire project lifecycle. Cloud computing is now very secure, and you will always have your mission critical business systems available.

There are very real benefits of cloud computing that you should consider in your cloud vs. on-premise decision:

  1. Scalability—expand quickly for growth and on the flipside for a downsizing
  2. Always have top IT talent in the tools you are using without having to hire that talent yourself
  3. Less resources in both labor and hardware
  4. Shorter implementation time
  5. Enhanced security provided by top cloud providers
  6. Your team has access to the tools anywhere and anytime
  7. Upgrades and test scripts are done for you
  8. Round the clock software support
  9. Incremental cost rather than upfront license fees
  10. Ability to increase system capacity more easily
  11. Higher availability and remote access
  12. Allows your IT staff to focus on higher priority areas rather than just keeping systems operational

All in all, a cloud-based ERP system helps your business save money and grow without compromising security or efficiency. However, all project based ERPs in the cloud are not created equal. If there are issues with your on-premise ERP, those same issues will exist in the cloud unless the root problem is fixed. If the root problem is disparate systems, you will be paying the subscription cost and an up charge to integrate them. Look carefully at the proposal and if you are already signed up with a vendor look closely at your bill.

On-Premise is Still an Option

Remember that although cloud ERP software is overall a great fit for most organizations, there are times that the on-premise model is still useful or may be the best option, and you will have to make that business decision. Considerations such as top-secret security and remote locations may prevent you from utilizing cloud computing. Similarly, your company’s executives may prefer keeping the software close on your own servers instead of using a third party. Only you will truly understand your company’s needs. When you’re looking for ERP software, choose the system that works best for your company.


Unanet Offers Cloud ERP Software!

Unanet’s cloud-based ERP software offers our customers the above benefits and serves as a single source of truth for their transactions, project management, resource management, timesheets, and much more. This cuts down on wasted time, lost revenue, spreadsheet chaos, and, staff frustration! Our easy-to-use comprehensive software keeps everything in one place for easy access and accuracy. We’ve helped over 1,100 customers streamline their ERP needs.

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Is on-premise the better fit for your organization? Unanet also offers an on-premise license deployment option!

Kim Koster

Kim Koster

Kim is an experienced executive who brings over 30 years of experience in project management, project accounting, EVMS,  government contract and accounting compliance, and communications.

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