Using Per Diem Expenses to Automate Travel Reimbursement

Organizations can make significant gains in efficiency, and higher data accuracy, by integrating Per Diem reference data in their expense reporting process.

The allowable Per Diem amount can be captured on an Expense Report when it is created, eliminating the need for additional administrative effort and providing insight to the report submitter on allowable amounts and overage.

A Lodging per diem allowance is a fixed maximum amount allowed for a single days lodging expenses, excluding taxes, during business travel. The actual allowance amount typically varies by location and time of year. This data is published by the Department of Defense and available to Unanet Expense Report users. Lodging per diem expenses are reported and calculated on a daily basis, and require that the actual incurred expense amounts be captured. The reimbursable amount for a lodging per diem is the lesser of the actual incurred lodging expense, excluding taxes, or the lodging per diem allowance for the reported location and date. Additionally, the percentage of lodging taxes attributable to the incurred lodging expense amount that is less than or equal to the per diem allowance is also reimbursable as part of the lodging per diem.


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Richard Hayden - Senior Vice President of Product Management & Marketing

Richard Hayden

Richard Hayden leads the Marketing and Product Management teams at Unanet. He has 30 years experience of product marketing for enterprise software companies in the USA and Europe.

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