Understanding The DCAA Accounting System Audit

May 24, 2017
This blog discusses the post award accounting a system audit for nonmajor contractors. It is performed after contract award. The objective of this audit is to determine if the contractor’s accounting system complies with the DFARS 252.242-7006, Accounting System Administration, requirements.

Your Software is Getting Sunsetted? You Have Options!

Mar 30, 2017
Sunsetting Software Options
As a GCS Premier or Deltek First GovCon Essentials customer, you’ve recently found yourself in a predicament as your software is soon to be sunsetted.

You now need to make a decision sooner rather than later, but the good news is that you have options!

Here are a few things to think about before you make the switch to a new Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool.

Sometimes Being Forced to Change Is a Good Thing

Mar 24, 2017
Some project driven businesses make changes to their Professional Services Automation systems because they have outgrown their current software, or maybe they had a home-grown system that was no longer efficient, and some find themselves in the position where a change is prompted by external forces.

We were able to help one such customer, BCT Partners, who found themselves in just this predicament.

Scaling the Organization

Feb 15, 2017
Many project driven businesses eventually find themselves at a crossroads with the management of their people, projects and financials. Some have created a stand-alone, home-built system that involves multiple platforms, spreadsheets, and outdated processes. Making the big leap to a purpose built professional services automation platform may seem scary or unnecessary. Other businesses find themselves at the crossroads when their existing system just isn’t scalable anymore.

Regardless of how you got there - the challenge is the same. What to do next?

4 Reasons Unanet Customers Outperform Their Competitors Running Deltek

Feb 7, 2017
4 Reasons Unanet Customers Outperform Their Competitors Running Deltek
Every day, Unanet customers are outperforming their competitors that run Deltek (both Costpoint and GCS). Many of these successful customers have chosen Unanet over Deltek for four key reasons.

Using Per Diem Expenses to Automate Travel Reimbursement

Jan 15, 2017
Organizations can make significant gains in efficiency, and higher data accuracy, by integrating Per Diem reference data in their expense reporting process.

The Life of the Professional Services Firm in 4 (Data Driven) Steps

Dec 24, 2016
Every professional services firm has their own lingo or methodology, but for the most part, they all go through similar steps in their business; Plan, Execute, Manage, and Optimize.

Each step is unique and brings its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Alternatives to Deltek - What to Look For

May 18, 2016
Two words. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).

You’re in the market for a system that will support your entire business lifecycle. You need a robust system that can handle your financials, accounting, budgeting & planning, timesheets, expenses, project management, resource management, real-time reporting and more— all in one place. So, it’s time to research the market and find the best business software at the best value. Simple, right? Well, yes and no. Proceed with caution, ask the right questions, and you can figure out which system is the best fit for your business.

Why Project Management Software Fails

Dec 16, 2015
For project management software to be successful in a professional services environment requires two significant changes in approach: accommodating a host of new metrics, and ensuring those new metrics are synchronized with traditional measures, accessible to all, and transparent.

Time Tracking Software

Dec 2, 2014
A discussion of common time tracking software requirements - a critical first step in understanding and improving the performance of project-based services organizations.