Business Process Outsourcing Partners


Business Process Outsourcing Partners

Unanet’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partner Program is designed for firms providing back-end operational and accounting support to their clients. BPO Partners deliver outsourced business functions to their project-drive organizations using the Unanet product platform, including accounting, human resources, resource management, and project management. By leveraging the Unanet platform to serve your clients, your firm can bring additional value to your clients, expand your service and product offerings to retain clients more effectively, and optimize your internal operational processes to gain efficiencies in your outsourcing practice.

BPO Partners provide implementation, support, account management and professional services to their end customers. Unanet trains and certifies Partner consultants and accountants in addition to providing access to materials to support your clients.  Please contact us today for more information!

"We initially used to use Unanet for our timesheets. Now we use it to rework our business. It's amazing. It saves us millions. It improves process and has changed the way we manage our business." Finance Manager, CB Richard Ellis
"Unanet allows us to accurately monitor project “burn rate” in a timely manner; which is driven down to team leads and tied to performance rewards." President, Medium-Sized Government Contractor
An invoice that used to take 1 person 2-3 days that is now complete in 30 minutes, and a report that used to take 2 hours that is now produced in 2 minutes! - TJ Guarino, Tessada


"Unanet has enabled us to improve revenue forecasting models and share the same real-time revenue data across the organization."President, Mid-Sized Government Contractor
"We selected the Unanet PSA product suite because it works, is simple to administer, and has rich functionality."- Brian MacDonald Director of Information Systems L-3 Communications Corporation