Why Companies Adopt Unanet Financials


  • Flexible chart of accounts and organization hierarchies require no hard-coding.
  • Unlimited legal entities, organizations and cost pools.
  • Integrated insight for managers with a single source of truth on projects, people & financials with no need for reconciliation
  • Attachments and comments throughout to support transaction entry
  • Forecast direct, indirect charges and revenues.
  • "Know now" with unposted and posted data in the same report to provide real-time insight.
  • Improve margins through actionable information based on work in progress.


  • “Unanet functionality and how everything fits together has exceeded my expectations!”
  • "I like that the product is fully integrated. The timesheets and expense reports are inside the financial package. It's so much easier when everything is in one system."
  • “Having one logon and all functionality in one place is huge.”
  • “Unanet is a system that’s not only going to help us to manage our projects, but with its fully integrated financials, means a single transaction base which is the ideal. It’s going to make us more efficient, and we’ll be able to focus our activity and attention on managing and growing our business, rather than managing the actual transactions themselves.”
  • “With Unanet, our month-end close is phenomenally smooth.”
  • Unanet shone during our DCAA audit.
  • It’s like magic to watch everything calculate and flow through the Unanet Financials system.”
  • “Unanet has a fabulous set of imports and exports that make everything accessible whenever and wherever you want.”
  • “Unanet gives us faster access to information, saves days by having labor allocations go straight to financials, is always accessible being web-based, and allows us to never worry about following regulations.”
  • “Unanet Financials was easy to transition to,  and took minimal effort due to the efficiency of the consultants.”
  • “Unanet Financials exemplifies the power of one system.”
  • “Unanet provides the real-time information we needed to push out to our project managers.”
  • “All of our data is no longer dispersed between systems, but available in real-time, in one location.”