Payroll Partnership Program


For Our Partners Delivering Payroll Capabilities

Unanet is pleased to partner with a select group of payroll service providers to deliver a unified platform for our shared customers. An integrated approach solves many of the redundancy hurdles that currently exist for many users.

Time Reporting Differentiators

Access is granted based on role type, which tailors each time and expense user’s reporting experience to reflect a filtered view which depicts only those projects and tasks they are authorized to charge time to. Errors caused by redundant data-entry are eliminated. Advanced controls can be leveraged to minimize fraud by enforcing features like an audit trail, approval workflows, and controls around how time is reported, all of which assist with DCAA compliance.

Expense Report Differentiators

Expense reporting is supported by project, task, subtask, expense type, business unit, date range, location, etc.. Built-in tools automatically reinforce company specific business rules, e.g. calculating unallowables and reimbursables (i.e. mileage), spending limits (CONUS/OCONUS Per Diem Rates), IRS rules, receipt requirements, and approval workflows, etc.

Project Management Differentiators

Unanet skillfully handles a variety of contract types (ex. Cost-Plus, T&M, Fixed Price, etc.). Project administration is enhanced through greater resource visibility and project controls. Planning & Tracking project deliverable statuses enables more accurate project reporting and helps drive better ROI. The entire project lifecycle is supported from bid to close out and the increased visibility and reporting function allow for more strategic planning.

Report Optimization

The integration allows for real-time reporting and analytics.