Unanet Support for DCAA Timekeeping & Expense Reporting Requirements


Unanet web-based software helps organizations manage people and projects for improved profitability, project performance, compliance to government regulations and reduced costs. For example, Unanet reduces processing costs for timesheets and expense reports by 90%. Beyond tactical improvements, Unanet real-time project reporting drives key decisions for choosing the right things to do. Unanet software is categorized in the Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management software industry. Unanet serves over 1,000 organizations including a growing list of government contractors (including L-3 Corporation, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Telos and many smaller organizations).

Support for Defense Contractors Audit Agency (DCAA) and Government Contractors

Unanet has features and functions that directly support the requirements stated in the Automated Timekeeping Systems section of the DCAA regulations. Note that DCAA requires that the timekeeping process, collectively including policies, manual procedures and tools be compliant; the software alone is not audited for compliance or certified nor approved as DCAA compliant. The Unanet product suite has been reviewed by auditors at customer sites, and along with the customer policies and procedures approved as supporting the DCAA regulations.