Unanet is very proud of the excellence of its products AND the quality of our support and implementation services. The following testimonials from organizations of all sizes and across industry demonstrate our commitment to excellent, enduring and mutually successful relationships with our customers.

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"Being able to see where we are on projects REAL TIME instead of waiting for Monday processing has made it much easier to let clients know exactly where we are with their projects. We are working on getting our pipeline loaded next. Unanet has set a higher standard for project reporting and there is more to come!" – Jenny Clark, Director, Solvability, a Practice of Decosimo

"Unanet enables us to plan staff based on both their competency and existing commitments.” – Jeff Kidwell, Chief Executive Officer, Adayana

"Unanet ensured we comply with EVMS reporting and DCAA timekeeping requirements and provides timely data to project managers." – David Karish, Chief Financial Officer, Digicon Corporation
"Unanet allowed us to eliminate all off-system accounting, shortening the time to “close the books” by 90%." – Bruce Posner, Chief Financial Officer, Isobar Inc. 
"With Unanet we cut seven days from our invoicing cycle, and although our business grew by 50% we added no admin staff." – Sid Banerjee, Chief Financial Officer, Claraview Inc.
"Our effort to process expense vouchers was reduced by 60% with Unanet." – Judy York, Chief Executive Officer, NETCONN Solutions Inc.
"Unanet decreased the effort to process timesheets from 6 people from two days to one person for an hour or two."  – Jack Littley, Chief Information Officer, BTG

"Thanks for your great customer support! Mark and Chris have been great to work with...they are very helpful and gracious!" - Carina Stout, Payroll Administrator, Isothermal Systems Research, Inc. - www.spraycool.com

"I love Unanet! It is great that you can run a report and easily see who is available, what projects a person is assigned to, and how many hours people are charging." - Michelle Graffin, Controller, Orbital Technologies - www.orbitec.com
"Unanet offered the best overall fit for our time reporting needs, including the interface with CostPoint, telephone entry for employees working at remote or secure government sites, and DCAA compliance. Within two months after deployment to over 675 employees, Unanet has eliminated over 30 hours of manual timesheet entry / correction and all weekend or overtime work in payroll. We estimate the hard cost savings to exceed $50,000 a year. Moreover, real-time project reporting has given our project managers a proactive tool to better manage and execute contracts." - Steve Hunt, VP & CIO, SI International - www.si-intl.com

"Several members of our technical staff, who are helping me set up the new environment and perform the upgrade, have told me that they have found your technical documentation to be THE BEST they have ever worked with. We are a software company, and these guys have seen it all! Thanks to your folks for their good work on the documentation front." - Gord Fogel PMP, Director - Program Management Office, Cryptologic, Inc. - www.cryptologic.com

"McLane Advanced Technologies chose Unanet because it’s easy to use and it allows our project managers and employees more visibility on their time and expense reporting. As a government contractor specializing in information technology, it was also important for us to find an electronic timekeeping system that would allow us to operate under DCAA guidelines. McLane Advanced Technologies operates from several fixed locations often with employees fielding software throughout the United States. Unanet Technologies serve us well. We look forward to a long beneficial relationship." - Robert Reeves, President, McLane Advanced Technologies - www.mclaneat.com

“Initially we chose Unanet in 2006 for its streamlined expense reporting. Although we had the Deltek timesheet and evaluated their expense reporting, we believed Unanet was easier to use with more working functionality. We converted to both the Unanet timesheet and the expense reporting. NETCONN noticed that hours spent processing the same number and dollars of expense vouchers have decreased over time, freeing staff up from data entry tasks to higher-level financial management functions in support of company’s strategic plan.  Unanet has enabled NETCONN to improve revenue forecasting models and share the same real-time revenue data across the organization. This ensures accurate and timely monitoring of project “burn rate” which is driven down to team leads and tied to performance rewards. A project manager can dive into any individual’s performance, the project budget to actual, risks/issues/action items, % complete, and other data to provide a more granular level of detail as well as a high project portfolio level.” - Judy York, President, Netconn Solutions – www.netcsc.com

"We selected the Unanet PSA product suite because it works, is simple to administer, and has rich functionality", said Brian MacDonald, Director of Information Systems for Titan Corporation. "Impressed with the powerful capabilities of expense per diems and resource scheduling, we also recognized the operational reliability, scalability and simplicity of Unanet. We chose Unanet Technologies, because the company nurtured an efficient, collaborative and rewarding relationship at several of the companies we acquired." - Brian MacDonald, Director of Information Systems, L-3 Communications

"Unanet offers L-3 Marine Systems one integrated tool for real time project management and control. When we were using the Deltek timesheet, the project managers spent extra effort to maintain separate spreadsheets to review and manage the charges against budgets. Now, Unanet controls overcharging and charging outside the date range of an assignment. We can also see in real time any variances, and, more importantly, with budgeted person data, we can forecast variances and make changes before charges are made. We also opted to use the Unanet EVMS (Earned Value Management System) tools. These EVMS tools are integrated right into the Unanet software so it is an integrated process. Unanet replaces a homegrown EVMS tool (with all the issues of maintenance, etc)." - Nathan Poole, Director Finance & Administration, L-3 Marine Systems - www.l-3com.com/marine

"Unanet provides flexibility and process improvements in many areas. Due to the speed and ease of use, the Unanet timesheet has saved 25% of an individual user's effort to enter time, and being web-based has allowed our remote employees to enter their own time. Since Unanet is real time and doesn't require batch posting of time at the end of a period, real time reports are now used to facilitate better and quicker decisions. Unanet's security enables an individual to see only what they are authorized for. With Unanet's project expense tracking, the full cost of a project is available whereas before miscellaneous charges (hardware, training) went unaccounted in the project costing. Through the Unanet Project Notes capability of storing documents, we are eliminating an independent network folder used for storing project documents and important business intelligence on a project. Best of all, Unanet is priced right. Products priced for considerably more have little more functionality." - Tim Short, Manager Quality Assurance, AgriBank, FCB - www.agribank.com
“We chose Unanet as our system of choice primarily for the configuration flexibility, which is limited in other time and expense products. One example of the flexibility in one product over the other is in setting people project assignments. In Unanet you can set date ranges and expiration dates to any assignment, which is key in managing projects for our company. Unanet precludes a user from charging time outside the date range that was predetermined when the assignment was done. In addition to other great Unanet features, this feature has improved the accuracy of labor reporting, minimizing correction efforts in order to publish invoices quicker and more efficiently. Unanet’s expense management tool is an outstanding resource that allows our employees to enter expense vouchers from anywhere, anytime easily. Travel type expenses that are entered into Unanet are electronically imported weekly into CostPoint. Other types of ODC’s (Other Direct Charges) that are primarily entered in Costpoint, such as subcontractor invoices are electronically downloaded from CostPoint into Unanet weekly, presenting a complete picture of labor and non-labor expenses to the project manager directly through the Unanet interface.” - Nikki Herman, CFO, Intelligent Software Solutions - www.issinc.com
"Your timely responses and willingness to answer my numerous questions are considered a value add from the Saalex perspective." -Travis Mack, President/CEO, Saalex Solutions, Inc.
"Unanet billing is so great. I don't know why anyone wouldn't use this!" – Jackie York, Controller, Quallion. 
"The Unanet support team provides the best support I have ever encountered. Great job and thank you!" -Nick Wagner Director of Quality Management, The ESCO Group

“My COO asked me to quickly find a way to save on our bottom line. I used Unanet to gather data and rework the business plan and saved us $1.5 Million. It was a no brainer. We initially used to use Unanet for our timesheets. Now we use it to rework our business. It's amazing. It saves us millions. It improves process and has changed the way we manage our business.” - Finance Manager, CB Richard Ellis



"Unanet enables us to plan staff  based on both their competency and existing commitments." - Jeff Kidwell CEO, Adayana
"Unanet has enabled us to improve revenue forecasting models and share the same real-time revenue data across the organization."President, Mid-Sized Government Contractor
An invoice that used to take 1 person 2-3 days that is now complete in 30 minutes, and a report that used to take 2 hours that is now produced in 2 minutes! - TJ Guarino, Tessada


"I love Unanet! It is great that you can run a report and easily see who is available, what projects a person is assigned to, and how many hours people are charging."- Michelle Graffin Controller, Orbital Technologies
"Unanet billing is so great. I don't know why anyone wouldn't use this!"- Jackie York Controller, Quallion